Pre workouts at Walmart

Pre workouts at Walmart are just as effective as the other popular pre workout drinks that you get at supplement stores.  Just because they cost less doesn’t mean they’re not as good.  When I started using pre workouts about 8 years ago, Walmart was the first place I got them from. I’m sure you’ve heard… Continue reading Pre workouts at Walmart

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Do I need a stim break?

A stim break is recommended after finishing a tub of pre workout or when your tolerance level to caffeine and other stimulants gets too high.  There are those who will argue that stim breaks aren’t necessary and that adrenal fatigue isn’t real. Pre workout companies and other companies that manufacture bodybuilding supplements that are used… Continue reading Do I need a stim break?

Brokig Compression Gym T Shirt Review – Dry Fit

I chose to review the Brokig compression gym t shirt because of its performance, cost and quality.  This is definitely a go to gym t shirt for those who are grinding out in the gym or outdoors.  It’s built for hardcore athletes and performance.  You can have a crazy workout without having your shirt drenched… Continue reading Brokig Compression Gym T Shirt Review – Dry Fit