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10 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Do you have low testosterone? If so, join the over 14 millions of men who suffer everyday from low testosterone levels. The good news is that you can make changes in your diet and lifestyle to maybe increase your hormone levels to normal. There is tons of information on foods that boost testosterone in healthy males. Most people believe that older men are the only ones who suffer from low T. While this is mostly true, there are younger males who also have low testosterone levels.

Symptoms of low testosterone:

Some of the side effects and symptoms of low testosterone cause depression in many men. Low T hits men where it counts and thus affecting their confidence. We all know men are confident by nature, and when you take the ability away to feel good about yourself, a downward spiral can start. Low libido can affect your relationship. Low energy can change your lifestyle habits such as beasting in the gym.

It’s hard to gain lean body mass with low testosterone and you can actually store more body fat. We all know how important sleep is for your overall health and it’s not fun working out when your energy levels are low. Sleep is very crucial for muscle growth and recovery. Get your blood pressure checked and if it’s out of normal range, see a doctor and get treated. There are numerous studies that prove males with higher than normal blood pressure readings are more likely to have lower testosterone levels. Can eating foods boost your testosterone?

Testosterone Boosting Foods:

While eating the right foods might boost your natural testosterone hormone levels to normal levels, it’s not a fix for all. If you’re levels are really low, you need to seek help from a professional who can prescribe ART or TRT. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a treatment prescribed by a doctor that replaces testosterone through injections, creams and patches. Again, if you feel your testosterone levels are low – seek medical advice. The below foods can help assist with natural T levels.

1. Coconut
2. Pumpkin Seeds
3. Oysters
4. Shrimp
5. Bananas
6. Beef
7. Pomegranate
8. Honey
9. Shrimp
10. Eggs

Out of all these testosterone building foods, I’d say eggs are the most effective. Eggs along with coconut provide healthy fats needed for hormone production. There are also many studies showing eggs positive effects on T. Eating foods high in magnesium and zinc can also have a positive effect on low T.

There are also natural testosterone boosting supplements and vitamins that are useful. Again, if you’re gaining weight or fat around your chest and stomach, feeling fatigue, memory loss, low libido, depression and mood swings – see a professional and get blood work done.






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