73 Year Old Bodybuilder Still Competing And Winning Shows

I thought Dexter (The Blade) Jackson had the best genetics in bodybuilding.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see when he reaches 73.  As for now, the genetics bodybuilding title belongs to 73-year-old- Robert Jackson from Texas.   He’s still competing at his age after lifting for over 40 years.  He was putting up 450 lbs. – last year.

(Robert Jackson) We should all be as fit as 73-year-old Robert “Stonewall” Jackson. The Texan is buffed and bulked and still winning bodybuilding competitions when many folks his age are in poor health and nursing homes. On April 8, his birthday, he took first place in two divisions at a competition in Fort Worth. full article here… insideedition.com


Dexter is arguable the best bodybuilder ever.  At 48 years old, he’s still competing at a very high level and looks as great as ever on stage.







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