best pre workout for weight loss

Best pre workout for weight loss

There are a few pre workouts for weight loss that can help you achieve that shredded look.  But, before you start supplementing with a thermogenic pre workout you have to make sure your diet is dialed in.  Before starting any cut or supplementing with any fat burner, you need to have your diet in check.

Once your diet and training is spot on, look into something like Cellucor C4 Ripped.  C4 is one of the top selling pre workouts and the Ripped version has a very nice profile to help you cut and get lean.

Why is it the best pre workout for weight loss?

The formula is very well designed and adequately dosed to help with your fat burning goals.  Look at the ingredient panel, and you’ll see extracts that help with fat loss, and not a lot of fluff that’s useless.

I like the addition of L-Carnitine and green coffee bean or chlorgenic acid.  Both are effective ingredients used in popular thermogenics and fat burning pre workouts. I’m also a big fan of Capsimax.  This special extract is basically a designer cayenne pepper that helps with absorption.  Last but not least is one of my favorites, Forskolin.

I’ve ran Forskolin with several cutting stacks and it works very well at leaning you out and preserving muscle.  These three ingredients work synergistically to increase fat loss. The energy blend in C4 Ripped will keep you burning calories in the gym.  Each scoop has 150 mg of caffeine which is enough for most.

If you’re a two scooper, 300 mg of caffeine isn’t all that much.  That much caffeine when paired with Tyrosine will give you enough energy to destroy workouts for a longer period of time. The longer you workout, the more calories you’ll burn.  This is why C4 Ripped is one of the best pre workouts for losing weight.

I like this formula because Cellucor kept it simple.  It’s not heavily dosed with exotic stimulants that hinder your workout.  A good thermogenic pre workout should be balanced with ingredients and extracts that aid in your cutting diet and gives you enough energy to have a nice workout without making you stimmed out.

Don’t be afraid of the proprietary blend of pre workout ingredients.  Cellucor is a reputable company and they have many satisfied customers who’s used their supplements for years.  They’re not known to hide behind proprietary blends because of under-dosing.

This is why it’s my number one choice for the best pre workout for weight loss.