Bodybuilders With Serious Tattoos: Rich Piana, Jens Dalsgaard or Ray Hougton

I’m not sure which bodybuilder has the most ink – Rich Piana, Jens Dalsgaard or Ray Hougton.  Either way, the amount of tattoos these guy have is crazy.  I’m not sure what Rich’s and Jens cost, but Ray has spent £5,500 or $7100 dollars on his tattoos.  He started out wanting to get some sleeves, and ended up inking his whole body.

A bodybuilder spent £5,500 and an 200 agonising hours getting his entire full-body tattoo suit in just under a year.

And over just 14 months he covered his entire body in a black body suit – leaving only his face, hands, feet and penis bare.


40BC130100000578-4537148-image-m-38_1495624029325.jpg image courtesy

5% Jens The Beast killing delts

Rich and Jens Dalsgaard

Now, that’s some serious ink..haha

That’s art!!

Is this real life?

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