brokig compression shirt review

Brokig Compression Gym T Shirt Review – Dry Fit

I chose to review the Brokig compression gym t shirt because of its performance, cost and quality.  This is definitely a go to gym t shirt for those who are grinding out in the gym or outdoors.  It’s built for hardcore athletes and performance.  You can have a crazy workout without having your shirt drenched with sweat.  If you’re looking for a fast dry shirt with compression, the Brokig is for you.

The shirt runs a little small so order a bigger size.  I love the design and technology they put in this tee.  The fit is perfect and will make your muscles pop.  The biggest plus for me is how light and comfortable it is.  There is nothing worst than working out in heavy and bulk clothing that restrict your movements.

You would think a shirt this light would be made with cheap material, but it’s very durable, and feels heavy-duty for the weight.  The stretchy polyester and spandex fabric makes it cotton soft and non restrictive.  Compression shirts help with blood flow and improves circulation in your body.  We all know how important blood flow is when you’re in the gym pushing heavy weight.

Like I said, if you wear a medium, you might want to order a large.  A big plus for me with this gym t shirt is the length.  There is nothing worst than a short cut shirt that rides up when bench pressing or doing other lifts.

My favorite color is black, but the camouflage design is also nice.  The smooth stretchy material is very nice to the touch and feels good when doing heavy weightlifting.  It definitely keeps me dry on  supersets.  I’ve always been a big fan of the bigger name brands of athletic gear like: Nike, Adidas and Under Armour.  This tee offers the same performance as the bigger names.  Overall the Brokig gym t shirt is a great choice for heavy lifting days and cardio.