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Eria Jarensis Extract: Insane Pre Workout Ingredient

Eria Jarensis ( N-phenethyl dimethylamine) is becoming extremely popular as a stimulant in pre workout supplements. If you were a big fan of DMAA in your pre, then you will probably like preworkouts with the Eria Jarensis extract. I’ve used it a couple of times and it does provide long-lasting energy. I didn’t experience any jitters, but there was a bit of a crash. That may be due to the extreme workout I had while on the Eria. It gives you crazy energy (insane pre workout) that helps you push through the toughest sets. Will it replace 1,3 dimethylamylamine? Who knows, only time will tell.

Eria Jarensis Extract doesn’t have a lot of scientific data or studies out because it’s pretty much a new ingredient in supplement products. I’m not sure it’s on par with DMAA, but when combined with caffeine and or something like PEA or any high energy stimulant, the effects are more pronounced. It gave me incredible focus and a slight mood increase. Eria Jarensis Extract also gives you the ability to really increase your performance level in the gym. The acute benefits are definitely noticeable.

Pre Workouts With Eria Jarensis Extract:

My experience with Eria is limited to HyperMax XT and Kraken. The new version of HyperMax XT – hits hard. It also contains a nice dose of caffeine, PEA and Hordenine. It doesn’t lack in the stim department and also has a decent pump profile. HyperMax XT is definitely an insane pre workout.

Kraken is my go to pre workout formula. It was mentioned in the best preworkouts 2017. It contains 250 mg of Eria Jarensis Extract. As with all sports supplements, use at your own risk. There isn’t a lot safety data on Eria cause it’s a new ingredient. It’s a very effective stimulant so use wisely. Get your Kracken or HyperMax XT before the FDA bans the Eria Jarensis Extract like they did DMAA.






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