Get Bigger Arms: Biceps, Triceps And Forearms

Bigger arms is probably the most sought after attribute that bodybuilders and lifters alike want.  There is nothing more impressive than huge biceps and triceps bulging out of a fitted tee.  I’ve spent many years mirin the arms of bodybuilders like Lou Ferringo and of course Ronnie Coleman.  These guys got huge arms from hard training and lifting heavy weight, but they’re also blessed with great genetics.

Not everyone can have 22″ arms. What most lifters don’t know is that if you want your arms to look bigger, you have to exercise and workout those triceps.  The tricep is the biggest muscle in the arm.  It’s important that your training incorporates tricep isolation exercises, but you also get tri growth from overall body development.

It’s also hard building bigger arms because they’re relatively small muscles when compared to legs and back.  They can’t take a pounding with heavy weight like larger muscle groups.  But, with the proper training program, nutrition and rest, they will grow.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see growth in a few weeks or even a couple of months.

Big arms aren’t developed over night.  There is a debate over whether you should have a arm day or include them with other workouts.  Personally, I do both and have found it to work for me.  I work biceps with back and sometimes shoulders.  I work triceps with chest and sometimes back.  There are also times when I have a full workout dedicated to just arms.  I keep sets high and workout with moderate weight so I can push more reps.

The Best Exercises For Big Arms:

I include several movements for both triceps and biceps.  I usually start with a couple of warm up sets of hammer curls.  After my arms are warmed up and blood is flowing, I start heavy pyramid sets.  My next movement is usually something like preacher curls or barbell curls.

I incorporate at least 3-4 different movements for biceps and end with cable curls for exhaustion.  Triceps are one of my favorite muscles to work.  They can take a beaten and my triceps are worked with very high volume.  My favorite tricep building exercises is: skullcrushers, tricep cable extensions and dips.

How To Get Bigger Forearms:

If you want massive arms, don’t forget, big forearms also make you look impressive.  They grow nicely with compound movements like deadlifts and isolation exercises like wrist curls.  Truth is, you can’t have bigger arms without bigger forearms.  Bring them along with your biceps and triceps.  Add reverse curls and reverse wrist curls to your workouts.  You don’t have to exercise them like larger muscle groups.  Add a few sets here and there during arm day.

The Road To Bigger Arms:

I’m asked, what’s the best foods to eat to get big arms.  I tell them, the same foods you eat to build any muscle.  Lean protein, good carb sources and fats.  Don’t be afraid to work your arms with high intensity.  Avoid lifting weight that’s too heavy.  Your arms will never be the same if you tear a muscle.  I’ve been lifting for 32 years – injury free.  At my age, I get the occasional joint pain or aches, but I’ve never had an injury from lifting.  I train smart, eat smart and get plenty of rest.  My arms aren’t the biggest, but they’ll do.  Don’t forget to do your compound movements to build overall body mass.  Add some arm days and watch your biceps, triceps and forearms grow.

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