building grip strength

How To Build Grip Strength

There are a few things you can do directly and indirectly to build grip strength. Your grip strength improves with exercise and work. Every time you pull or squeeze with your hands and fingers, you improve your grip strength.

There are plenty of benefits to having a strong grip. Strength in your hands and fingers help with heavy weightlifting exercises like the deadlift and makes it easier when picking up or holding heavy dumbbells.

To build grip strength by training it directly, you have to perform wrist and hand crushing exercises. Get something you can wrap your fingers around and squeeze. Start with smaller balls like the hacky sack and grip balls. Once you get stronger, move up to larger and firmer objects like tennis balls.

You can improve your crush grip when you’re sitting around watching television or just hanging out. Do high repetitions and squeeze as hard as you can each time. You’ll notice a stronger grip after a few weeks of doing this. Each week you should increase your reps and time squeezing.

One of the most effective ways to build grip strength is to train your forearms. It’s impossible to have massive forearms and not have a strong grip. When I was younger and getting started lifting weights, I did tons of farmer walks. It’s an easy and effective movement.

You simply grab some heavy dumbbells and walk with them until you can’t hold them any longer. Sit the weight down, rest your grip for about 90 seconds and repeat. Do this exercise on your pull days or whenever you feel like it.

You build grip strength every time you grab the bar or a dumbbell. When you do any lift or every time you grab the bar or dumbbell, squeeze very hard. Whether you’re benching or deadlifting, squeeze the bar with a death grip.

Do your pullups.  Not only are pullups a good way to build your back muscles, but it’s also a great way to build grip strength. Position your hands in a shoulder width range and squeeze the bar tight. These are just a few ways to strengthen your hands and fingers. Make your hands, wrist and fingers stronger and watch your deadlifts go up.






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