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How To Build Muscle Fast: Mass Gaining

One doesn’t simply build muscle fast. Yes, there are supplements and other things like riding bikes that may put on muscle mass faster – but for us natty folk, everything has to be spot on. Our training, diet and lifestyle outside of the gym has to point toward making gains. I get it, your either a 115 lb. newbie or you’re a hard gainer and want a physique like Dexter Jackson. I don’t blame you, who doesn’t want to look like “The Blade”. You have to be willing to put in the work inside and outside the gym.

How to get big muscles – Hard Gainers with high metabolisms:

For some, no matter how hard and intense you train in the gym, you still can’t put on muscle fast. If you’re the type of person who can eat anything and not gain weight, you need to seriously up your calories and lift in the 6-8 rep range with heavy weight. Eat a wide range of foods – including good fats. You might want to consider a mass gainer if you have trouble eating enough food. Mass gaining supplements are a great way for people who are bulking or putting on mass to get extra calories when you don’t have time to cook or eat a real meal.

But, that doesn’t give you the right to eat any and everything. Don’t waste your time eating chips, cookies and cake. Get your calories from beef, avocados, rice and foods that are rich in micro nutrients. You can train all day and night, but if you’re not eating the right foods and giving your muscle the right nutrition – your gains will suffer.

How To Get Big Muscles – Training

Inside the gym, your workouts have to be intense and you have to lift heavy and keep your muscles under tension. You have to progressively add more weight, more sets and more reps each week to make max gains or gain muscle fast. After several weeks of increasing your work load, your muscles will adapt and that is why you have to add more weight and sets. As your muscles grow, you’ll get stronger and because you’re bigger and stronger – you need to eat more.

Because you’re eating more, you can train harder – with more intensity. All of this must be applied to get bigger. It’s necessary to stimulate and stress the muscles for them to grow. After you’ve broken them down, they need to recover. You have to sleep enough and stay hydrated for your muscles to fully recover.

Best exercises for mass:

To get bigger muscles and put on mass, you have to go hard on the compound exercises. Squats, bench press , rows and deadlifts are all awesome mass builders and will help you put on muscle fast. You need to approach each one of these exercises with intensity and progression. Try to add more weight or reps every week. I’m personally a big fan of bent over rows and t-bar rows. Those two movements will give you a wide back. Most lifters with wide and impressive backs are very strong.

It’s hard to fake strong with a big back. Back squats are preferred over leg presses, front squats and goblet squats because it’s basically a core movement that involves many muscle groups. I like to also do standing military presses for shoulders, chest, back and triceps. More people should focus on heavy military presses – it’s a very underrated movement.

Doing too much cardio will also hinder and slow your gains. I’m not saying don’t add any cardio, but you can’t run marathons and gain maximum muscle mass.

I personally get cardio from high burn out reps and supersets – with the occasional treadmill walk. Don’t over do it and don’t under estimate the power of nutrition and sleep. Your muscles don’t grow in the gym, they grow while you’re resting.  If you feel yourself being lethargic or not able to recover fully, dial down your training. And don’t be afraid to try a mass muscle gainer if you’re having trouble eating enough.






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