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Is Overtraining Real Or A Myth

Is overtraining real?  Of course it’s real.  Before you high volume gym ratts start ranting, let me explain. I’m not saying doing too many sets or reps in a day will cause overtraining.  What I am saying is, if you don’t know how to train and you’re over reaching, you could have consequences from “overtraining”.

What is overtraining?

It’s when you push your body to the next level that makes it hard to recover.  When you’re not recovering, you set yourself up for a whole host of problems. It just doesn’t affect you physically, overtraining can make it difficult to concentrate in the gym cause you’re body and mind is fatigued. Simply put, overtraining is over-reaching.

Symptoms of overtraining:

The most common symptom of overtraining is fatiguing too soon.  If you’re used to throwing up four plates for 20 reps and you can only get 10 now, chances are – you’re overtraining muscles.  Are you waking up with muscle soreness and aches?  I’m not talking about getting DOMS from a new routine or exercise.  When you push yourself too hard, you’ll have general aches and your whole body will feel ran down.

Causes of Overtraining:

The most common cause of overtraining would have to be Ego-lifting or training too hard.  Whether it be in the gym, on the basketball court or football court, overtraining will occur if you’re not training properly. The next cause is lack of adequate nutrition.  Not getting enough calories or a lack of macros and micros.

Put it this way, If you’re in the gym doing two hour sessions and 30-40 sets, you can’t get by eating pop-tarts and candy.  You need to replenish your body with protein, fats and carbs.  Not getting enough sleep or rest is another common cause of overtraining.  If you’re getting it in – in the gym, get in the bed earlier than you normally would.

I’ve been lifting for 32 years now and there are times when I push myself close to overtraining.  It takes a lot because my muscles are conditioned for heavy workloads.  Guys and gals who have been lifting for many years can get by with doing more sets and reps cause their bodies are used to it.

I have to beat one body part up at a time and it takes at least an hour.  The reasons being are: I sleep on average, 10 hours a night, and eat a variety of foods and train – smart.  Eat, Sleep and train smart to prevent overtraining.






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