Leg Day Gym Memes – Never Skip Leg Day

After leg day is the most dreaded day of the week. We’ve all been there if you ever trained your legs to failure. Squatting with heavy weights, hamstring curls and finishing with leg presses will leave you asking yourself – why?

The pain doesn’t last an eternity so don’t skip leg day. As the years go by, it does get easier once your legs adapt to the heavy work load. Until then, these leg day memes is how you’ll feel. It’s funny until you’re the one stuck in the bathroom or can’t get out of bed.


What it looks like in the parking lot after leaving the gym on leg day.


What is looks like the next day after leg day.


If this is you after leg day, maybe you should do a couple less sets.

This is how you do it on leg day.  Squats is a must


You didn’t know that squats are the best exercise for arms???

Mark “Smelly” Bell squatting.  Bet he never skipped leg day.






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