Brian Shaw Eating 12,000 Calories A Day: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Eggs, Beef

Brian Shaw is undoubtedly a massive human being and arguably the strongest man to ever walk on earth.  He eats 12,000 calories in a day, and I’m sure he burns it all pulling buses and lifting cars for reps.  I watched his full day of eating video and he’s dedicated to being the best.  His diet consist of eating: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, eggs, beef, pasta, protein shakes and cheesecake.

He points out that his diet becomes especially difficult when he just isn’t hungry, which makes absolute sense when you consider how much 12,000+ calories a day really is. In Shaw’s words, “It’s a necessary evil, so to speak.” full article here…


Brian Shaw trains and eats like a beast.  Can’t wait to watch the competition.

His arms are massive and he has his game face on.







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