Pre workouts at Walmart

Pre workouts at Walmart are just as effective as the other popular pre workout drinks that you get at supplement stores.  Just because they cost less doesn’t mean they’re not as good.  When I started using pre workouts about 8 years ago, Walmart was the first place I got them from.

I’m sure you’ve heard the usual sheeple rant – don’t buy your supplements from Walmart or GNC.  That’s complete rubbish.  The brands that are sold at the brick and mortar Walmart stores are just as effective as Hyde and C4.

Don’t let the cheap price deter you from buying it if that’s all you can afford.  I’ve used my fair share of Body Fortress and Six Star Explosion.  Some stores have more selections, but most of them have the line of Body Fortress and Six Star supplements.

If you’re not into exotic extracts and ingredients in your pre workout drink, Super Advanced NOS pre workout amplifier from Body Fortress is a very nice choice and budget friendly.  It contains the usual pwo compounds: caffeine, creatine, nitric oxide boosters and focus supplements.

It has Taurine and L-Tyrosine which are two of my favorite supplements.  Both provide energy and health benefits beyond lifting.  If you’re not big on pre workouts with tons of stimulants than this one is for you.

There’s only 100 grams of caffeine in one scoop, that’s about one cup of coffee.  When combined with other other stimulants like Vinpocetine and White Willow, the stimulant effects become more enhanced because of the synergy of the extracts.

Six Star Explosion is another pre workout at Walmart and is actually better than some of the more higher priced pwo drinks.  I’ve used it many times and its never failed at giving me energy and pumps.  I was quite surprised at how effective it was after using it for a few weeks.  It never failed and I still only needed one scoop after finishing the tub.

It’s a more rounded pre workout with a better formula.  Some of my favorite pwo ingredients that are in it is: Citrulline, Taurine and Beta Alanine. What you may not know is that these and most affordable supplement lines are manufactured by larger well-known supplement companies.

Money or no money, pre workouts at Walmart work just as was well as the ones from your favorite online supplement store or brick and mortar supplement store.  If you’re into more exotic formulas, look at their website.  They have a very nice selection of pre workouts at