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Shoulder Workout For Mass: How To Get Huge Delts

If you want an impressive physique then you have to put some mass on your shoulders. You can’t have a huge chest and arms, but under-developed side and rear delts. I say side and rear because it’s hard to have a chest like a silverback gorilla and not have huge front delts. When you do chest presses, you’re front delts or anterior muscles also get a workout. Personally, I love shoulder days. If you don’t have time or a separate shoulder day doesn’t fit in your routine, work them on chest day or back day.

If you want symmetry and a well developed body, you have to get the shoulder work in. Broad and wide shoulders give you that V taper look. It gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Not many newbies hit shoulders, they focus mostly on chest and arms.

My ultimate shoulder exercise to put mass on my delts is the standing military press. It’s easily the best exercise for huge shoulders because you can go heavy. Let me remind you guys about warming up. Don’t ever grab heavy dumbbells or load up the barbell with tons of plates before you warm up properly. Your shoulder joints are very delicate and you can tear a muscle easily without properly warming up and getting blood into the area. I always do warm up sets with 15 lb. or even 10 lb. dumbbells to get my joints and muscles warm and loose before my working sets.

Best Exercises For Massive And Big Shoulders:

Like I said, the standing military press is superior to any other shoulder movement followed closely by the seated military press. The seated overhead press is perfect for strict form because there is no cheating by thrusting with your quads. My favorite shoulder dumbbell movement for building mass is a standing press. You can’t go as heavy as barbell, but it’s still a very effective movement for shoulder growth. Standing presses are also great for building stabilizers and your core. As you get stronger, your core and back will get stronger and you’ll be able to press some serious plates.

Best Movements For Side And Rear Delts:

Lateral raises or side raises is my bread and butter movements for side delts, and reverse flyes is my go to for rear delts. The rear delt is the most neglected and probably one of the most under-developed muscle for bodybuilders because unlike biceps, front delts, triceps and other muscle groups – the rear delt doesn’t get hit much unless it’s targeted.

Before starting this workout or any workout, always use a weight that is safe and you can control with good form. Proper form is very important when working your shoulders.

Best Shoulder Workout For Mass:

1. Military Press – 4 sets 8-10-12-12 reps ( If you’re intermediate or advanced, bump up the sets.) There are days when I push 8 sets of military presses and burn out with 16-18 reps or more.
2. Upright Rows – (cable or barbell) 3 sets 8-12 reps
3. Side Raises – 3 sets 8,10,12 reps
4. Real Delt Raises or Reverse Flyes – 3 sets 10-12 reps
5. Front Raises – 3 sets 8-10 reps (Don’t try to go heavy with front raises.  You can easily tear or pull your rotator cuff)

This is a good starting routine for newbies or for more advanced lifters. Tweak it and feel free to add or adjust the shoulder routine and/or volume. I like to do bent over or seated reverse flyes and change up every few weeks or so to incline reverse flyes. This routine is awesome for building shoulder mass, I’ve used it for years with great result.






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