kraken and n.o. explode 2017

The Best Pre Workouts 2017 – Thus Far

The race for the best preworkout in 2017 is alive and kicking.  Every year the supplement companies come out with new pre workouts designed to make your life in the gym – easier. The most successful companies bring new and innovative ingredients to the market. I, like most pre workout supplement users can’t wait to critique a pre blend to see what’s in the tub and at what quantities.

The fastest way to not make any sales is to put out an inferior product with fillers and under-dosed ingredients like Citrulline. Customers also hate seeing prop-blends. Most supplement companies aren’t comfortable disclosing their pre formula for the fear of copycats.  And some hide behind prop blends to hide their under-dosed formula.  This industry at times is very cut throat and competition is fierce.

There are a few impressive 2017 preworkouts on the market thus far.

1. Kraken Pre Workout is the new kid on the block and has a solid profile with hefty doses of the right stuff. On the nitric oxide side, you have 1 full gram of Agmatine and 4 full grams of L-Citrulline. It also doesn’t lack in the stim department with 200 grams of caffeine, Eria Jarensis and DMHA. For you DMAA lovers, DMHA is not as potent. But, when combined with other stims – it shines. It’s a true one scooper.

2. BSN N.O. Explode has been making a solid comeback with the new blend. It’s been around for a long time and was one of my favorites back in the day. The new formula is more potent and has more stims than the original. As with many of the 2017 preworkouts, stims seem to be the focus and less pump. N.O. Expode is a great choice for leg day.

3. Mesomorph has a huge following and seems to always come up in the “best pre workout” conversation, year-after-year. My favorite was the DMAA version, but as many of you now know, DMAA has been banned.

When looking for a pre workout, I like something that gives me enough energy to smash the plates and doesn’t give me the jitters. Too many stims will interfere with your workout and leave you feeling like death when you come down.

I personally use two workouts. Leg day is a nice energy pre that doesn’t have too much pump or nitric oxide. On chest and back days, it’s full on pump assault. I get at least 8 grams of Citrulline in me on those workout days.

So, Kraken and N.O. Explode are my 2017 pre workout winners – thus far. I say thus far cause new products hit the shelf – frequently.






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