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Tips To Increase Appetite: Weight Gain

Increasing your appetite is a rather simple process for those who are bulking. If you’re trying to figure out ways to get more calories or eat more food, there are a few simple hacks you can do to get that extra nutrition.

1. Eat your favorite foods:

The easiest way to increase your appetite and eat more is to consume the things you like the most. Seafood is hands down my favorite food group. If I were to bulk or increase my appetite, I’d eat tons of lobster, clams, oysters and crab legs with plenty of garlic butter. Basically, you want to eat more of the foods you love.

2. Avoid unappealing foods:

For those of you who are naturally small eaters may need to do more than just eating your favorite foods. What you don’t want to do is eat foods that are loud in smell. This can be a turn off unless you like the smell. Try to steer clean of foods that don’t look very appetizing. Eat meals that are visually appealing.

3. Eat a lot when you’re hungry:

Whatever time of the day you eat the most is the best time to get extra calories. I get a serious appetite increase a couple hours after working out. I train fasted in the mornings and don’t eat for a couple hours after training – this makes me very hungry.

Foods that increase appetite:

Pumpkin seeds are not only good for low testosterone, but it’s also great for helping you eat more. It’s high in zinc which aids in digestion and absorption which keeps your appetite healthy. Oysters, spinach, lamb, sweet potatoes, carrots and beef can also help stimulate your appetite. You also want to consume foods that are easily digestible.

Supplements that increase appetite:

If you’re still having trouble eating food, try natural supplements. There are supplements on the market designed for people who are trying to gain weight or increase their appetite.

  1. Appetite Stimulant
  2. Mass Gainer
  3. Liquid Calories

This increased my appetite

Eating like this should put on some weight

OMG!! pancakes and appetite increase

That pizza is ridiculous

Now I’m hungry…







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