Too Much Exercise Is Bad For Weight Loss?

Are you over doing it?  The consensus by many professionals is suggesting that you might not be losing weight because you’re doing too much.  You’ll never get me to believe that one.  I understand that exercise produces stress and stress releases cortisol, but everyone isn’t the same.  If exercising too much halts weight loss then explain to me how these runners get out there everyday and jog miles a week and remain skinny.

Wouldn’t pounding the pavement for hours a day increase cortisol?  Was this study conducted by Planet Fitness?  Does your body and mind differentiate actual life and trauma stress from exercising stress?  Exercising is a stress reliever for me – during and after the workout.  According to them, doing burpees everyday is pointless.  The problem with these ideas and suggestions from these professionals is that they lump everyone in the same box.  We’re individuals and our bodies are different.  Everyone responds to stress differently and no body is the same.  Do what works for you.

You might think that the way to shred fat effectively is to go as hard as possible in the gym.

After all, we know that starving ourselves to try and slim down just doesn’t work.

And if we want a calorie deficit, we need to be sweating more.

According to a nutritionist, the opposite might be true. read more at






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