what is a good pre workout

What Is A Good Pre Workout

A good pre workout will be one that does what you want it to do or what you expect it to do. Some might want a monster pump while others might be looking for a pre workout drink that provides endurance, focus or a small boost in energy.

A good pre workout should be designed to do what it says it does on the label. You have to be careful though, because label claims are just that. There are tons of pretty packaging and shiny labels on the shelf, but the compound doesn’t stand up to the claims.

When I’m looking for a good pre workout, the first thing I look for is adequate dosing. There has to be enough ingredients to be powerful enough and effective to push me through my gym workout.

A good pre workout should also contain the right amount of stims. Unless you like stim bombs, buy a pre workout drink that provides just enough energy. I personally don’t like to be stimmed out of my mind.

There are some supplements on the market with high amounts of caffeine and other nootropics or CNS stimulants that will hinder your workout. Too many stims can make you jittery and elevate your heart rate to an uncomfortable level.

Before buying any pre, look at the ingredients panel and see what’s in the mix. Is it filled with caffeine and creatine? If so, you don’t want it. Buy one that contains cutting edge and effective ingredients.

Stay away from kitchen sink formulas that contain a little bit of this and a little bit of that. More is not always better. I’d rather have a few high dosed ingredients in my compound than 1 gram of Citrulline or 100 mg of Agmatine.

I often hear people complain about taste and mix-ability. I’m not too concerned about the taste as long as it does what it was designed to do. Clumping in my pre workout supplement isn’t that bad, but I do prefer supplements that dissolve nicely in a shaker cup. There are plenty of good pre workouts to choose from at decent prices.

Read reviews, the ingredient panel and follow directions.






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