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What Is Eating Clean: Breakfast Recipes

So, what exactly is clean eating? It’s not eating dirty foods and washing your food before you eat it. Who wants to eat dirty food? No, it’s not really washing your food. It’s basically eating a very healthy diet consisting of mainly whole foods. Some who adopt this way of eating believe that everything they put in their mouth has to be all natural and organic.

Everyone has their own idea of what clean eating is. My idea of a clean meal would be: chicken breast, potato and a veggie like broccoli. That meal would be dirty if I flooded the chicken with K.C. Masterpiece barbecue sauce, sour cream and butter on my potato and broccoli boiled soft with tons of butter. Sure, it might taste better – but the calories.

These type of diets are great for weight loss and people trying to get more nutrition in their diet. Most ingredients used in clean recipes are fresh and not full of sugar and fat. When eating clean, choose vegetables and natural foods that are not processed.

How To Start Eating Clean

If you’re being mindful of your health then find the time and make a meal plan and prep your foods ahead of time . This way, you won’t be so quick to grab convenient foods or eat out.

For some, clean eating means no cheat meals and you stay very strict with your diet. It’s not that serious for me. I’m not going to eat the same foods day in and day out without variety. Eating the same foods without enjoying what you like, occasionally, will set you up for failure. If you like barbecue ribs, it’s not going to hurt you if you have a few bones every now and then. Keeping your diet diverse and balanced is a better approach than these extreme lifestyles.

Clean Eating Recipes

If living and eating a healthier lifestyle is in your plans then you won’t have trouble getting started.  There is a wealth of information and clean eating recipes to get you on the right track.  From breakfast to dinner and even snacks.


Are you looking for the perfect clean eating breakfast? To help you in this quest, we have compiled the most popular clean eating breakfast and brunch recipes on Eatwell 101 in this recipes round-up. Healthy, low on sugar, packed with fibers and nutrients to keep you satisfied until lunch…and you thought clean eating couldn’t be THIS delicious? Via eatwell101.com


Here is a more detailed explanation on what is clean eating?



That’s a little too clean.  Where is the protein?

Don’t get so caught up with living a healthy lifestyle that you forget to enjoy life. When you go out for dinner, eat what you want. Eating boiled chicken breast and steamed asparagus every meal isn’t the way to go. Eat clean and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.






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