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What’s Fitness All About?

What’s Fitness All About?

Getting lean is never easy. It takes hard work, discipline, and commitment. Some people spend years trying to build a fit body. No one is born with a six pack and shredded legs. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get started. Whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or 50s, you can lose stubborn fat and carve a perfect physique. It all comes down to the choices you make every day. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a passing trend or a quick fix.

Obesity rates have doubled since the ’70s. More than one third of Americans are obese or overweight. This problem affects children too. Nearly two percent of 2- to 5-year-olds are morbidly obese. Surprisingly, over 54 percent of U.S. adults are dieting. Approximately 187 million regularly consume diet soda and sugar-free foods. About 65 percent gain all of their weight back within five years.

If cookie-cutter diets worked, obesity rates wouldn’t be sky-high. Believe it or not, 95 percent of weight loss programs fail. Skipping meals and starving yourself is not an option. Every time you do it, your metabolic rate goes down and cortisol levels increase. As a result, your body begins to use fewer calories for energy. Crash diets elevate the stress hormone cortisol levels, which promotes fat storage. Overtraining, especially steady state cardio, has the same effect. In the long run, this approach messes up your hormones, affects cardiovascular health, and weakens immune function.

The average U.S. adult goes on a diet about four times a year. Approximately 25 percent of dieters give up within two weeks. Another 35 percent develop bulimia, anorexia, and other eating disorders that affect their health and quality of life. Athletes and fitness pros are no exception. It’s not uncommon for bodybuilders and fitness models to gain over 20 pounds within one week after going on stage.
fitness aerobics workout in the gym
These numbers may seem shocking, but they reflect the truth. Nowadays, food is more accessible than ever before. Yet, we are overweight and malnourished. Even though Americans eat plenty of calories, many don’t get enough nutrients in their diets. Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, folate, calcium, iron, and magnesium deficiencies are extremely common. Your body requires these vitamins and minerals to function at its peak. Deficiencies can lead to metabolic disorders, impaired immune function, cognitive decline, brain damage, poor circulation, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, insulin resistance, fatigue, and other disorders.

A sedentary lifestyle only makes things worse. Good nutrition and exercise are equally important. The benefits of physical activity go beyond a lean body. Exercise can add years to your life, improve cardiovascular function, and keep your brain sharp. It’s also your best ally against stress and depression. Over time, it can dramatically lower your risk of type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, and osteoporosis.

Fitness isn’t just about exercise or weight loss. Its ultimate goal is a general state of health and well-being, which can only be achieved through a balanced lifestyle. This involves clean eating and regular exercise. One without the other is pretty much useless. Not even the best workout plan can offset the side effects of bad eating. By definition, the word “fitness” means being physically fit and healthy. Just because you exercise, it doesn’t mean you can eat everything in sight. Without proper nutrition, you’ll never build the body you’re after.

We have created this guide to help you strike a between diet and exercise. You will learn what clean eating looks like, how to plan your meals, and how to squeeze fitness into your routine. We’re going to show you the best ways to reach your weight loss goals and maximize your gym time. Inside, you’ll find grocery lists, exercise tips, and supplement guides. Fitter, Leaner, Stronger is not about cookie-cutter diets or strenuous workouts that only cause frustration. It’s a complete step-by-step system designed to help you reach your peak potential and enjoy better health.






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