stim breaks necessary

Do I need a stim break?

A stim break is recommended after finishing a tub of pre workout or when your tolerance level to caffeine and other stimulants gets too high.  There are those who will argue that stim breaks aren’t necessary and that adrenal fatigue isn’t real.

Pre workout companies and other companies that manufacture bodybuilding supplements that are used to provide energy recommend you take a 4 week break after finishing the product.  How long your stim break lasts varies from individual to individual.

When I start using a new pre workout, I start out with 1 scoop if it’s a two scoop preworkout, or whatever the supplement company recommends.  If you’re two weeks in, and you can’t feel the effects, then you can up your dosage to the maximum.  Don’t exceed the recommended scoops in the directions.

Just because you’re not stimmed out like you were two weeks, doesn’t mean the pre workout isn’t still working.

A great way to keep your tolerance level low and keep your pre workout intake at one scoop is to not consume caffeine throughout the day.  I workout early in the morning and take my pwo 30 minutes before working out.  The only other caffeine or stimulants I have is a glass of green tea and ALCAR during the afternoon – to pick me up.

Are stim breaks necessary?

The answer is yes, if you abuse stims.  There are people who have 3-4 cups of coffee everyday and have been for years.  They have never taken a stim break.  But they also don’t have exotic formulas and extracts in their coffee.  We don’t really know what the long term effects are with some of these new designer stims.

So, err on the side of caution and drop your pre workout for 2-4 weeks a few times a year.  I take supplement breaks a few times a year.  During that time, the only supplements I take are multivitamins and vitamin D.  If you find yourself needing twice the recommended amount of pwo to get through your workout, you definitely need to take a stim break.





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